Our Story

It was just before Christmas when we noticed that our littlest fairy (who was five) started squinting to see better. She'd never done that before so we decided to bring her to an ophthalmologist. Not that we expected to find anything wrong, sure it was only a few months since she passed her eye exam with the school nurse and she loved reading and writing! 

She read the whole chart without a single mistake. We were relieved. Then the doctor says "I'll dilate her pupils and put her on the machine just to be sure..." So he did. He saw the reading, scratched his head and repeated the procedure to ensure himself it was correct. Because the autorefractor read +8. Our jaws dropped. Our little girl couldn't see well and we had no idea! The joy on her face when she put glasses on for the first time and saw everything clearly was priceless.

To find a pair of glasses that would be as delicate as her turned out to be a difficult task though. We trailed opticians after opticians and everywhere we went we were met with bright strong coloured frames with tacky pictures on the arms. Couldn't be further from soft and delicate! I thought "If there's nothing in the shops, I'll look online, even if I have to order something from the other side of the world". To my amazement, even online I didn't find anything that would suit such a delicate little fairy.

It's said necessity is the mother of invention, so Fairy Specs was born. With a background in design and passion for everything beautiful, I decided to take the creation of frames for our daughter in my hands.

She's been my biggest helper, accompanying me to optical trade fairs, meeting manufacturers, helping me to pick the most beautiful materials and giving me real, honest feedback.

We called our first collection Crushed Gem Collection and in her own words "They are sooo shiny and beautiful!"

Our little fairy loves them and I hope yours will love them too.


{at Silmo, Paris, 2017}

Fairy Specs MIDO

{at MIDO, Milan, 2019}

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